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Sheriff's Controversial Tactics Deemed Legal

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio's tactics of pursuing criminals are deemed legal by County Attorney Andrew Thomas. The link above includes other stories about Sheriff Joe's unusual techniques and controversial stance on pursuing criminals, including his controversial minimum security facility, Tent City. Also, a court upholds Sheriff Joe's policy of allowing inmates to receive only postcards from anyone other than legal counsel while incarcerated.


Newspapers Request Sealed Autopsy Reports in UNC Student's Death

Newspapers are requesting access to sealed autopsy reports in the murder case of the UNC student body president. The case began only a little over a year after the Duke Lacrosse scandal in North Carolina and the media has developed a skepticism for prosecutors. The link also features other stories pertaining to the case to catch-up on the background.


Update: Missing NCFE Executive Featured on America's Most Wanted

Fugitive Becky Parrett was featured on America's Most Wanted in an attempt to gather leads as to her whereabouts.


London Mayor's cigar case under investigation

London Mayor Boris Johnson's Iraqi cigar case is under investigation as a possible looted Iraqi artifact.


First Legal Setback for Canadian Man on Trial for Terrorism

A Canadian man is facing trial for suspected terrorist activity in Britain and faced his first legal setback when the prosecution's key witness was allowed to take the stand despite his testimony consisting largely of hearsay.


Trinidad Agrees to Extradite 3 Suspected in Terror Plot on NY Airport

Three men suspected to have been involved in a terror plot on JFK International Airport will be extradited to the United States from Trinidad.