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Identity Thieves Face Competition

With the prominence of identity thieves today, the price of continuing in that "field" has forced thieves to follow different methods for luring in customers.


Smuggling Cameras to China

Two men were arrested for trying to bring cameras from the United States to China that they were told could not be exported without a license.


Polygamist Compound Raided

On allegations of abuse, a polygamist compound in Texas was raided and more than 400 children and 100 women were found and removed from the compound. Charges for abuse and other criminal conduct are likely to follow after investigation.


Princess Diana's Death NOT Plotted by British Security Services

A jury decided Princess Diana's death was caused by the negligent driving of her chaufeur and the paparazzi following her on the night of her death. It was alleged the British Security Services had been involved in a plot to get rid of the princess but that allegation was not supported by the jury.


Second Trial for Celebrity Pathologist

A hung jury means a second trial for celebrity pathologist, Cyril Wecht. Wecht is accused of fraud stemming from his private practice in Pittsburgh.


Private Bail

A discussion of private bail posting systems currently operating throughout the United States and a glimpse at the problems inherent to such systems.
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National Century Financial Enterprises

National Century Financial Enterprises has been called the Enron of a private company. Five executives of the corporation were convicted on various counts of securities fraud, conspiracy, wire fraud and other conduct. Two continue to await trial. The twist? One of the two still awaiting trial was just convicted of obstruction of justice and witness tampering and one of the five convicted is on the run while the remaining four already convicted have been accused of devising a plot to flea to Aruba.

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