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INTRODUCING "Doctrinal Deliberation"

OSJCL Amici is excited to present “Doctrinal Deliberation,” a new section of the site intended to provide informative, dynamic and entertaining discussion of specific criminal law doctrines. Inspired by our most recent publication, “Post-conviction Problems with Ohio Appellate Rule 26(B)” by Julianne Claydon, “Doctrinal Deliberation” seeks to provide a unique venue for practitioners, academicians, and students to comment on notable criminal law doctrines that appear in specific statutes or emerge for specific cases. OSJCL Amici welcomes submissions to this new section, and invites you to consult our Submission Guidelines if you are interested in authoring an article. Make sure to visit the “Doctrinal Deliberation” on a regular basis to see what new discussions are posted.


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