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Kate Loudenslagel on Law School and The Real World Practice of Law

Pulling Faces & Hitting Aces: The Dos and
Don’ts of Courtroom Decorum

Kate Loudenslagel
Washington and Lee University School of Law ‘09

Most law students anxiously await that day when they finally become practice certified and are able to appear in court, either through internships, clinics, or practica. The thrill of being the “lawyer on record,” however, can quickly be replaced with fear if not fully prepared. This short list of dos and don’ts may seem like commonsense to most, but I found them extremely helpful this past summer when I interned for a state prosecutor’s office. Teachers always say you cannot learn Evidence in class but through experience. Well, I am here to tell you that you can learn courtroom etiquette—or at least some of it—through this short list.

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