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Trying the I-270 Sniper

In 2003 and 2004, the citizens of Columbus, Ohio lived in fear or the "Highway Sniper." On November 25, 2003, one of the sniper’s shots struck and killed a woman traveling with her friend. The initial investigation into that murder uncovered numerous shots fired in the same area, from the same gun. Just a short time after the sniper shootings in Washington, D.C., the community in Columbus feared they were facing another serial shooter. The gunman was known to frequent the I-270 outer belt, a major highway and point of travel in Columbus, and people began altering their daily routines to avoid the area. The following articles detail the investigation of the case and the eventual trial of Charles McCoy. The FBI Agent and Sheriff’s Deputy from the investigation as well as the prosecutor, defense attorney, and judge from the case have all detailed their own experiences and insights from solving the I-270 sniper case.



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