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Sentencing Law after Gall and Kimbrough

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent sentencing decisions in Gall v. United States and Kimbrough v. United States provide the focal point for our first four commentaries, all written by federal district court judges and published for the first time here. Judge Richard Kopf of the District of Nebraska takes a Letterman-esque “Top Ten” view of the sentencing world as interpreted by Supreme Court decisions. Judge Gerard Lynch of the Southern District of New York emphasizes the “guideline” nature of the Sentencing Guidelines. Judge Lynn Adelman and law clerk Jon Deitrich of the Eastern District of Wisconsin, ask us to “curb our enthusiasm” for the twin decisions, which—they argue—do not go quite far enough. Finally, Judge Nancy Gertner of the District of Massachusetts identifies both the apparent blessings and the less-obvious dangers of the Court’s holdings.